When you speak about your brand, do you feel confident? Is it easy? Does it bring you joy?

Without getting all Marie Kondo, if speaking about your brand doesn’t bring on feelings of passion, excitement and pride, it may be time for a brand revamp!

The strongest brands (think Apple or Macy’s for example) are established, easily recognizable, and consistent. These brands can be spotted a mile away and have a high recall, even at just a glimpse.

How does one achieve these brand goals?
– Establish a primary logo (AND a secondary if you’re feeling like a boss!)
– Define a brand font
– Use only approved, specific PMS colors

Strong brands aren’t all about good looks. What’s on the inside counts too! Take a look around, and when you see a logo, pay attention to how it makes you feel. We associate and attach feelings to brands that come from our experiences, good and bad. Keeping customer service on point is key for the success of the tips below.

Want to integrate good vibes into your brand?
– Make the problem you solve very obvious
– Present your mission clearly
– Establish a brand voice your ideal client is comfortable with and can relate to

The final brand confidence booster may seem like a no-brainer, but it is very powerful – connect your brand with real clients. All the marketing tricks in the book won’t bring any ROI if it’s not being presented to and connected with ideal clients.

Get your brand out there!
– Create an active presence on social media
– Engage in the local community
Show the love to your clients (new AND existing… hello, referrals!)

The number one thing that will increase the impact of all of these tips and make your brand a success is CONSISTENCY.

Bring it in, get it together, and set your sights on a prosperous 2020!

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