A simple and cost effective way to add value to your brand is with bags. Whether your business is product or service based, these are always a must to have on hand. Here, we go over 3 ways we see branded bags adding value.

1. High Perceived Value
Make someone feel special and appreciated for simply being your client!  We truly believe that a little bit goes a long way. Think about it – if there were 2 bags on a table with the same contents inside and you had to pick between a basic plastic bag and a paper bag with a brand on it, which would you pick? Even though the contents is the same, the branded bag SEEMS to be of higher value. That is the company who cares about their brand and their product so it must be great, right! It is all about PERCEPTION.

2. Repeat Brand Impressions
Bags are not only for giving to clients at a check out. These can be used to deliver welcome packet information to new clients, gift goodies like cookies to potential clients or be distributed at events. The possibilities are endless. Extra points if the bag is reusable – people are more likely to keep them instead of throw away which means they see your logo and brand multiple times.

BRANDING TIP: Bags are an AWESOME sponsorship piece. 5K’s, trade shows, award shows or festivals – branded bags are sought after to hold other promo or catalogs and gear. They get constant exposure during AND after the event!

3. Low Cost, High ROI
With prices as low as $.20 per bag, the overall cost to invest in branded bags is low. Depending on size, color and imprint method, this is an inexpensive way to get your brand out there in a memorable way.

Think about the ways you can use bags in your industry! Find some options and pricing HERE or contact us for other questions.