Events are FINALLY coming back. Precautions in place, this is soooo good for businesses and mental health across the board.

Branded backdrops are an event photo-op favorite – and we want your brand to steal the show! We have several options of backdrops to fit different budgets, design included. All backdrops come with super easy set up and travel gear.

Branded backdrops are large, sturdy, durable, washable… and NOT cheap. But with all of the benefits they give to your brand, they are worth the investment:

The size of backdrop we sell the most of is an 8’x8′. We also offer an 8’x10′. EIGHT FEET of visibility for your brand – that can definitely be spotted from across a room! The purpose of these is to attract photo-takers, so place them strategically to get your brand seen. When you order a backdrop, design and layout is included in the pricing, so we can promise that your brand will look great and get noticed.

Reach is the total number of unique people or accounts who view your content. In this case, you are not only reaching the number of people that are attending the specific event where your backdrop is set up, but also extending that reach to people who are viewing posted and shared content – it grows exponentially!

An impression is the number of times people see your content. The number of times people will go back to look at their photos and posts, re-post from the event or even have a printed photo that they see often, gives a repeat impression each time.
TIP: Have this station set up with a printer so it becomes a take home promotional product for your brand at the same time!

This is essentially a red carpet item. Celebrities and influencers rarely have their photo taken at events without one behind them. For a reusable item, this will pay for itself in exposure and add some class and fun to your brand at events!

5. FUN
Branded backdrops are always the life of a party and a huge hit at events! From fairs and festivals to trade shows and in-office events, branded photo opportunities are a no-brainer.

Do not miss this branding opportunity! Big Bunny Creative provides clients with branded backdrops for $399. This price includes an 8′ x 8′ custom, full-color fabric backdrop, heavy duty hardware stand and canvas travel bag plus free shipping. These are lightweight, easy to carry, simple to assemble, washable and have a fast production time of 5-7 business days. You can also order a replacement fabric piece for $285 (ideal for multiple designs, sponsoring different events, etc.) without the cost of purchasing a whole new stand.

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