Big Bunny Creative had the opportunity to expand our knowledge base @ Houston’s Clampitt Paper School. We learned a LOT and believe in sharing that knowledge to provide the best value to our clients interested in printing marketing materials. Check out some interesting paper facts below we think are worth knowing – enjoy!

  1. It takes TWELVE steps to make a piece of paper – we even got a recipe to make our own! Stay tuned…
  2. Paper production supports sustainable forest management – forest area in the US has increased 3% and volume of trees 58%.
  3. Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world – 63% of paper in the US was recovered as compared to 28% of glass and 9% of plastic – YIKES.
  4. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers become too weak and break down.
  5. Watermarking is affordable! Achieve this elite look with a custom mark that can be achieved much easier than in the past. Fancy!
  6. Paper is priced using weights and sizes… and it’s not easy to calculate! Please be patient when asking for print pricing, the combinations are endless and we want to get you the best price and quality match possible.
  7. Digital and Inkjet processes of printing are NOT equal – both have pros and cons that we take into account when quoting printing (quantity, variable data, level of detail).