The internet is full of great marketing resources – this blog being one of them! We are true believers in research and learning something new every day. But where do you draw the line at “I could do that myself” and “I should call an expert”?

When it comes to promotional products, one can simply search “logo on a bag” and be bombarded with thousands of websites offering thousands of styles, colors, sizes and imprints. But is DIY promo really the way to go?

This is where Big Bunny Creative offers huge VALUE to our clients:

  • Customer Service – We are humans! No frustration chatting with a robot overseas, we are here to help and understand your needs.
  • Knowledge – WE KNOW PROMO. This is our passion. We stay on top of the newest trends in the industry and can offer options, insight and creative ideas no search engine can compare.
  • Solutions – With experience in branded promo and apparel, we have the advantage to offer our clients unique decorating techniques, item suggestions and value adding solutions like packaging and fulfillment.
  • Creativity – Graphic artists in house deliver retail look designs – quickly! Online retailers only offer your logo slapped on product. Let’s get creative with it!
  • Branding – We are familiar with your brand. Working with Big Bunny Creative on your promo orders ensures that all designs fall within your company’s brand standards and that all projects are aligned with your brand as a whole.
  • Eliminate GuessworkWhat are the imprint requirements? What are the hidden costs? Are there extra charges for more colors? Can my logo be bigger? What file format do I need? Is there enough inventory to fulfill my order? These are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to placing an order – and we know the answers! We take the confusion out of promo, decoration and logistics and streamline your orders.
  • Quick Turns – Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it taking a chance on sketchy product and service reviews from strangers. We work closely alongside our clients and our vendors to provide communication, timely artwork edits and access to supply updates.
  • Quality Guarantee – Eliminate the fear of disappointment and stop double guessing your investment. We maintain relationships with our suppliers and see their product in person and often. We only offer high quality promo and apparel to ensure that you will love your items.

So, just because you can DIY promo, doesn’t mean you should! We are here for you every step of the way to provide unique items and apparel pieces with clean designs to meet your campaign goals and make your investment a success.

Get started by contacting us with your next campaign idea or browse our preferred vendors’ items HERE. We look forward to creating something amazing with you!