A Human Resources department and staff wear many hats, one of the most important being to attract and retain winners. HR has a large impact on the success of a company’s branding and on creating organic brand ambassadors. With an HR teams’ support, a brand can grow and become stronger with each new employee!

Employee recruiting starts with attracting the best candidates. Make your brand memorable by creating a modern event space that is well designed. Provide functional and useful take home swag to stay top of mind for visitors and potential team members.

Once hired, on-boarding is an essential step in retention. Make new employees feel welcome and excited by providing branded items upon arrival. Team building is exponentially more successful when a strong brand is involved. Backpacks, lunch bags, lanyards, drinkware and desktop items are perfect.

A huge HR goal is to retain the employees they have through continuing education. Keep the motivation going by providing incentive swag at training opportunities. Apparel, journals and power banks top our list.

Show the love regularly to keep employees happy and satisfied. It is science -if someone is under appreciated, they won’t stick around. Recognize hard work with awards, gift sets and home goods. These are nice branded pieces that make employees feel special.

What about a company store? Wether it’s used for uniforming and required company apparel or for fun swag items gifted through a points reward system, company stores are a guaranteed HR win. These are web based platforms that streamline buying for branded products. They keep sizing and quantities in one place and provide inventory feedback along with reports and fundraising. Ask us for more details if you think a company store might be a good fit for your brand!

Big Bunny Creative supports HR teams’ ability to attract and retain awesome employees by growing strong and powerful brands. Make your next HR goal a success with us by your side!