Big Who? Big Bunny!
With a name that stems from a childhood pet who was quite the badass, Big Bunny Creative is a full-service design and branding boutique keeping that legacy alive.

“Bunny” was actually a hard-core outdoor cat from the country who was given to a couple of kids on Easter morning. Bunny always blazed his own trail, fought back against the neighborhood bullies (birds were his arch nemesis) and protected his family all while still being the most lovable, BIG fluff ball one could wish for. He was a fearless survivor, surely using more than his allotted 9 lives and was well known in the community for his strong presence… and not looking for oncoming traffic. Bunny has since passed, but his memory lives on in this creative agency that strives to keep him proud by staying innovative, passionate, and lovable.

What We Do
Our focus is on adding value and providing killer ROI. We believe in really digging deep to develop brands into their highest potential and providing a hands-on experience that will give you all the feelz and measurable results.

Open dialogue, strong designs and project analysis are the foundation of our effective branding services. We equip our clients with tailored strategies that enable them to level up. All of this mixed with a touch of BBC love and you’ve got yourself a successful brand story!

All About the Vibe
The Big Bunny team is lead by Candace Parker. A graphic designer and marketing nerd herself, her desire to change the world through design landed her here–an agency of her own with no boundaries and no bad ideas. She believes in creating “vibes” for her clients’ brands that bring them to life and allows them to flourish organically.

“The vibe” is our guiding light here at BBC. Each piece of a brand, no matter how small, should be well thought out and contribute to the overall feeling you want to emulate to your buyers. It might seem overwhelming, but that’s where we hop in!

Trust Us, We’re Design Nerds!
Growing brands is our passion. We love to see our clients succeed and it makes our chubby cheeks smile to create purposefully amazing designs that elevate things to the next level.

We’re your creative advisor and your support system. We make your vision a reality. We want you to be a Big Bunny Badass!

Did We Just Become Best Friends?
Yes! Keep up with our journey and score some sweet deals and freebies by signing up for our Bunny Tales newsletter and by following us along the Bunny trail on Instagram.

Welcome to our community, we’re so happy you’re here!