Investing in anything is scary – spending money, and sometimes a lot of it, without the promise of a return can hold businesses back from really getting a leg up on the competition. But being the one who stands out, the one who tried harder, the one who cared enough to give it a chance? That’s priceless.

Big Bunny Creative knows good design. We also know that in print, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and drown in competition. So how do you make your brand shine?

Get your brand the attention it deserves with some unique printing techniques. We all know the basic trifold pamphlet, the usual postcard mailers, and the  paperweight catalogs we never quite get through. If this sounds like one of your marketing pieces, don’t stress! Add a little something extra (as Elle Woods would say) through specialty printing and elevate your brand to the top of the stack.

It could be as simple as upgrading paper stock, or adding unexpected folds or die cuts. Interesting pieces don’t get thrown away but rather catch the eye AND hand of the recipient. It’s more about just the sense of sight but the sense of touch. Techniques like premium paper, spot UV, foil stamping and soft touch laminate coatings are all ways to make your prints feel like a million bucks. Add a beautiful design to the mix and you have yourself a strong and effective marketing piece.

Marketing materials with these attributes are held longer, looked at longer, and kept longer. It’s all about the impression time your brand gets in the hands of your ideal client.

The perceived value of your brand and the marketing piece itself are also higher when a specialty printing technique is used. It shows that your brand is cared for and worthy of investing in. If you don’t believe it, how do you expect your clients to?

Do not settle for being basic and overlooked. Make the decision this year to invest in your brand with high quality printing. This is our PASSION, let us know your ideas!