Have a campaign with a low budget or a smaller reach? We have promo for that!

No matter what the marketing goal or event size, we believe that a target audience should NEVER be left without a branded takeaway item.

Promotional products let your brand linger in your clients’ mind, reminds them of the positive experience interacting with your brand and keeps you top of mind when it is time for them to make a purchase. They are conversation pieces and encourage business referrals.

While some might think promo is only for more large scale events such as trade shows, a small client interaction (luncheons, small private classes or events, meeting for coffee etc.) has a more significant, meaningful and intimate impact. Take advantage of this focus and put your brand front and center.

With ability to order as low as 12 items in quantity, there are several promotional products we collected HERE that allow you to take advantage of the power of promo without such a large inventory investment or commitment.

MARKETING TIP: Use low quantity benefits to your advantage by offering exclusive, limited edition pieces.

Click here or below to check out some of our favorite low quantity promo items to get pricing, ideas and inspiration!