Working from home is the new normal for a lot of us right now – and it probably hasn’t been easy. Even those who did work from a home office prior to the Covid-19 quarantines, having other family members and kids in the mix makes it an adjustment. Being in the promo industry, we have a few ideas on how to turn this crisis into a positive and ease some stay-at-home pains for employees and clients alike.

Healthy Living Aids
Staying safe and keeping physical and mental health at its prime are so important right now. Giving these gifts will show that you care and that you are providing support during this scary time.

Water Bottles
Water Trackers
Reusable Grocery Bags
Stress Relief Items (Fidgets, Coloring Books, etc.)
Sanitary Wipes/Gel
Phone Sanitizer

Motivational Swag
Keep your company spirit strong with branded swag gift items for employees and clients. During tough times, it is easy to pinch pennies and buckle down, but these are the times people need to feel lifted up and most importantly, safe. Show that you value their hard work and loyalty with one of the comfy-cozy items below! 

Coffee Mugs (*Add in some local coffee beans for a nice touch!)
Felt Letter Boards
Phone Holder/Screen Cleaners

Virtual Meetings Made Easy
Getting it together for a new home office can be stressful when you don’t have the right equipment. Help your audience get acclimated to their new normal with some of these office and desk items. The best part is, your brand will be front and center for the whole work day and beyond.

Journals and Pens
Webcam Covers
Phone Chargers
Screen Cleaners
Sling Grips

Inspirational Awards
Give employees recognition for their hard work in supporting your goals during the uncertainty of the Corona economy. Give them something to look forward to upon their eventual return to the office with an invitation to celebrate everyones achievements from remote. 

Lapel Pins
Gift Sets

For creative ideas and pricing on the items listed above, please see our presentation. As always, these are just base ideas with a variety of price points and quality/quantity options – the possibilities are endless! Contact us to chat further if you have something specific in mind. Custom packaging and note cards will make these promo pieces really special and memorable when people really need it! Enjoy.