We all know the story… you have time to plan for gift giving during the holidays… then it is suddenly December and you and your brand are SOL – no inventory is left of the items you want and production time is high, leaving your clients and employees gift-less. Not cute!

We suggest to start planning your holiday gift strategy NOW. Let’s get creative, make an impact and end your marketing year with a memorable branded experience!

Whether you give to your top five employees or everyone on your client list, branded holiday gifts add value in several ways:

  1. Create loyal clients and employees – gifts make someone feel appreciated and special.
  2. Gain organic brand ambassadors and user generated content by encouraging social media unboxings.
  3. Increase referrals and future business by gifting a functional conversation piece.
  4. Ensure brand recall with a positive and memorable gift experience.
  5. Win additional impressions with curated items and custom designs that get used, not tossed.

Now you know WHY you need to include holiday gifts in your marketing strategy. Here’s HOW – access our top ten gift ideas for 2022. Implement our strategies and watch your brand value increase when you leverage branded merch items during the holidays!