Branded apparel and wearables are one of the most powerful promotional products when done correctly. Wether you use it as a team building tool, employee identification, giveaway, or passive income, branded apparel adds so much value to businesses ready to invest.

BRAND QUALITY – Convey professionalism through a cohesive appearance. Invest in higher end garments to build trust and credibility in your brand. Bonus points for using our sustainable apparel partners!

BRAND AWARENESS – Increase recognition, impressions AND reach with each garment. Use pieces constructed of comfy, tailored materials people WANT to wear. You will NOT get repeat impressions with poor quality, uncomfortable garments. (This has an effect on the outcome of print processes as well.)

BRAND RECALL – The more someone sees your logo, the more memorable it becomes. Use apparel to increase this recall so that your brand is fresh in everyone’s mind when it comes time to call on the product or service you provide.

BRAND LOYALTY – Create a sense of community and corporate culture with garments that represent team, unity, and relationships. Gifting an experience to your clients through apparel will keep you top of mind for their next purchase. Encourage referrals and organic content by creating ambassadors who are proud to show off your brand.

BRAND DIFFERENTIATION – Make your brand memorable. Use professional designs and unique decoration locations and techniques to create fashion forward and more upscale pieces. Remember, how you market yourself is a direct reflection of how you want people to perceive your brand. Don’t be basic! Apparel is an easy way to try something new.

COST EFFECTIVE TIP: Use this design across multiple promotional products to create a branded experience for a cohesive campaign.

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