A common theme in promotional products is sustainability – something us industry folks call “eliminating brand-fill”. Meaning the discontinued use of branded promo items that aren’t useful, functional, quality or valuable. Big Bunny Creative promotes the use of items that will be used and not immediately tossed into a landfill (get it? “brand-fill”… clever!).

Another piece to this feel-good chapter in promo is items and brands that give back to the community with every purchase. We have access to several brands that give portions of proceeds or donate assets with every order.

What better way to present your brand than on an item that recipients will keep (impressions, yay!) and that will give them warm-fuzzies over the impact it made on the community.

Here, we list 5 of our favorite give-back initiatives from brands in our industry.

American Giant

Would any of these align with your brand’s mission? DM us to learn more and to see your brand in a virtual mockup!