What is a brand guide?

A brand guide (also called brand standards) is a document created to do just that, guide your brand. Brand guidelines are a tool designed to strengthen your brand identity through consistency. They ensure correct usage of all branding elements like logos, icons, colors, fonts and photography.

They are used as a reference and a rulebook that explains how your company should be presented to the world. It contains the “do’s and don’ts” to keep your brand on track.

They have the ability to be very basic (1 page) or very specific depending on client needs. Some include mission, vision, and emotional structures to guide the verbal tones along with the visual (for example, “creative”, “fun” or “bold”).

It is a guide that everyone in a company can use to understand how to represent their brand correctly and create a united, cohesive appearance that in turn adds value to your brand.

Why do you need one?

Brand Recognition – Your brand is how the world recognizes you. It is what builds trust in your clients.

Brand Consistency – Inconsistency will confuse clients, give your brand a low quality association and is a MAJOR turn off.

Brand Value – Following a guide will allow your brand to appear more professional and reliable. It will give your brand the power to level up in your industry.

Established Tool – You work hard on your brand, don’t let it go to waste! Provide all employees and designers with the tools to keep your brand a success with a strict brand guide.

Whether your brand is new or established, it is never too late to create a guide and gain that strength.

Click here to view Big Bunny Creative’s brand guide as an example and click through below to see some recognizable brand guides.

Shazam Brand Guide
Starbucks Brand Guide

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