Want your brand to be unforgettable? These 5 product trends promise to increase engagement, build awareness, and impact your bottom line. Your brand will thank you for the ROI.

  1. Personalization Power-Up: It’s not just names anymore. Think variable data QR codes that unlock exclusive experiences, AI-powered gift recommendations, and even custom-blended scents. Let your merch be an extension of the digital world, seamlessly blending physical and virtual experiences.
  2. The Drop-Shipping Advantage: Imagine merch that follows your customers around the globe! We partner with our drop-shipping providers who offer localized printing and fulfillment, ensuring lightning-fast delivery. Global reach with regional relevance, without the inventory hassles — we’re all about it.
  3. Packaging that Delights: Packaging isn’t an afterthought – it’s the first impression! Ditch the plastic and explore eco-friendly options like bamboo boxes and recycled paper tubes. Or add augmented reality experiences triggered by packaging scans. Make that unboxing moment one that will surprise and delight your recipient! ✨
  4. Sustainable Style: Consumers are demanding eco-conscious choices. We partner with companies certified for ethical sourcing and production and choose materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, or upcycled plastic. The options to partner for good and promote sustainable practices are widespread and endless!
  5. Full-Color Design: Forget flat logos and stock graphics. At Big Bunny, we offer tailored design services that elevate the standard. Embrace full-color, edge-to-edge printing for photorealistic designs and vibrant brand expressions. Explore unconventional printing techniques like embroidery, laser etching, or 3D printing for unique products that push the boundaries. Think outside the box (or, rather, the t-shirt!) and let your creativity shine.

Need help bringing these trends to life? Our Big Bunny team is here for you! Contact us today to discuss your vision and unlock the full potential of your branded merchandise.