No Throw Promo – (noun) Promotional products that don’t suck, that people want to keep, hang onto for years, use regularly and DON’T THROW AWAY!

The beginning of spring weather reminds us to appreciate Mother Nature. Earth day is April 22 – we honor the day by sharing a sampling of our favorite eco-friendly products.

1. Apparel
Made from organic cotton and using sustainable production, these super comfy options for apparel are Earth Day approved.

2. RPET Cooling Towels
RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate…meaning these towels are made out of recycled plastic bottles! So COOL!

3. Recycled Paper Journals
Exactly what it sounds like – journals make from recycled paper! Fun fact: paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers lose stability.

4. Multi-Use Food Items
Meaning anything that is NOT a single use, landfill item! Points for non-plastic materials like silicone, glass, bamboo and our newest obsession – wheat straw.

5. Planters
Bring some green into your office space with a desk sized planter and enjoy the extra oxygen and mood boost.

These items are more eco-friendly, NOT more expensive. Contact us for a custom curated item presentation and with any questions on how to get your brand Earth Day ready!