5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Branded Backdrop

Branded backdrops have been around for ages, but are becoming more popular and accessible with lower prices and better assembly technology. Read more to find out why you should take your brand to the next level by investing in a branded backdrop of your own.

The size of backdrop we sell the most of is an 8'x8'. We also offer an 8'x10'. EIGHT FEET of visibility for your brand - that can definitely be spotted from across a room! The purpose of these is to attract photo-takers, so place them strategically to get your brand seen. When you order a backdrop, design and layout is included in the pricing, so we can promise that your brand will look great and get noticed.

Reach is the total number of unique people or accounts who view your content. In this case, you are not only reaching the number of people that are attending the specific event where your backdrop is set up, but also extending that reach to people who are viewing posted and shared content - it grows exponentially!

An impression is the number of times people see your content. The number of times people will go back to look at their photos and posts, re-post from the event or even have a printed photo that they see often, gives a repeat impression each time.
TIP: Have this station set up with a printer so it becomes a take home promotional product for your brand at the same time!

This is essentially a red carpet item. Celebrities and influencers rarely have their photo taken at events without one behind them. For a reusable item, this will pay for itself in exposure and add some class and fun to your brand at events!

5. FUN
Branded backdrops are always the life of a party and a huge hit at events! From fairs and festivals to trade shows and in-office events, branded photo opportunities are a no-brainer.

Do not miss this branding opportunity! Big Bunny Creative provides clients with branded backdrops for $399. This price includes an 8' x 8' custom, full-color fabric backdrop, heavy duty hardware stand and canvas travel bag plus free shipping. These are lightweight, easy to carry, simple to assemble, washable and have a fast production time of 5-7 business days. You can also order a replacement fabric piece for $285 (ideal for multiple designs, sponsoring different events, etc.) without the cost of purchasing a whole new stand.

Contact us to get more information on how to get your brand out there!

Invest in Your Brand with Print

Investing in anything is scary - spending money, and sometimes a lot of it, without the promise of a return can hold businesses back from really getting a leg up on the competition. But being the one who stands out, the one who tried harder, the one who cared enough to give it a chance? That's priceless.

Big Bunny Creative knows good design. We also know that in print, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and drown in competition. So how do you make your brand shine?

Get your brand the attention it deserves with some unique printing techniques. We all know the basic trifold pamphlet, the usual postcard mailers, and the  paperweight catalogs we never quite get through. If this sounds like one of your marketing pieces, don't stress! Add a little something extra (as Elle Woods would say) through specialty printing and elevate your brand to the top of the stack.

It could be as simple as upgrading paper stock, or adding unexpected folds or die cuts. Interesting pieces don't get thrown away but rather catch the eye AND hand of the recipient. It's more about just the sense of sight but the sense of touch. Techniques like premium paper, spot UV, foil stamping and soft touch laminate coatings are all ways to make your prints feel like a million bucks. Add a beautiful design to the mix and you have yourself a strong and effective marketing piece.

Marketing materials with these attributes are held longer, looked at longer, and kept longer. It's all about the impression time your brand gets in the hands of your ideal client.

The perceived value of your brand and the marketing piece itself are also higher when a specialty printing technique is used. It shows that your brand is cared for and worthy of investing in. If you don't believe it, how do you expect your clients to?

Do not settle for being basic and overlooked. Make the decision this year to invest in your brand with high quality printing. This is our PASSION, let us know your ideas!

20 New Promo Ideas for 2020

The new year means freshening things up a bit! Shake things up, try new things and set big goals, right?

This applies to your business life just as much as your personal life. I challenge you to think about growing your brand this year with some trending promotional products. We like to call these items "no-throw promo", meaning they are useful, exciting, memorable and unique pieces that recipients keep... and don't just throw away!

The benefits of using promotional products as a marketing tool are countless (staying power, number of impressions, customer experience...) so it seems like a no-brainer. But choosing the RIGHT item for YOUR audience and presenting it creatively can be a challenge.

We stay on top of what's trending in the promotional product and branding world. We know what is new, what is possible, and what is available so that when you are ready to take the promo challenge, we can make it an easy success for your brand.

Check out our lists below and scroll down for the ink to full item details and pricing. Cheers to a successful 2020!

20 New Promo Ideas for 2020

Apparel - for employee or client appreciation gifts
Custom Socks
Dad Hats
Sherpa Sweaters & Vests
Custom Fabric Scrubs

Eco-Friendly - for trade show give aways or event swag bags
Metal Straws
Silicone Straws
Reusable Drinkware
Reusable Totes

Techie - for your special clients, awards, raffles, and trade shows
Wireless Charging Pads
Power Banks
Sling Grips
Lanyard Charging Cords

On-Trend - for the hip client, great for schools or start-ups  
Lapel Pens
Die Cut Vinyl Stickers
CBD Lip Balm

Brand Name- for your high-end or new clients, awards or raffles

Click here for full imprint details and pricing info.

Brand Goals Checklist

It's January and that means the time has come to get it together and start the new year off with a bang! But where do you even start when it comes to amping up marketing and your brand?  Wether you are a new company or have been around for years, it's always beneficial to do an audit with the following checklist to make sure you start off strong and that everything is on point and has not gotten sloppy over time. Success is yours this year!

Establish a primary logo, brand fonts & colors
A strong logo is the nucleus of a successful brand. Having a horizontal AND a stacked version ensures that it can be used across all media and is less likely to get altered and create inconsistencies. Establishing and being strict with brand colors and fonts makes it easier for your clients to recognize your brand and increases recall. Following a brand guide increases the value of your business - first impressions are everything!

Present your mission clearly
Make it fool-proof for your clients to believe they need your product or service. State exactly what it is that you are offering and how it will add value to their lives. Eliminate any chance of second guessing by being transparent and and to the point. 

Create a brand voice that relates to your ideal client
Brand voice is anything put out into the world that represents your brand - text in your website, social media content and marketing materials like flyers and promo are all pieces that need to be cohesive and emulate the same vibe. That vibe needs to be one that your ideal client can relate to and trust. Do some research on your target market and  adjust your voice to speak their language. 

Engage in social media & the local community
The more you engage, the more your business will achieve growth. Keep word of mouth positive - DM organic followers on social media to thank them for the support and ask if they have any questions for you - make real connections with people who are already showing interest in your brand.  Donate time, products or services to local causes that align with your brand and are important to you. Sponsoring events, offering discounts to service men and women or teachers or volunteering as a team is another way to engage and show you care while generating multiple touch points that bring awareness to your brand. 

Show the love to your clients with branded swag
There is major marketing strength in promotional products. Giving away promo that makes sense for your brand in a memorable way will pay for itself when the recipients become your brand ambassadors. Showing appreciation to existing clients with branded swag will ensure repeat sales because they feel cared about. Get a dream clients' attention by treating them to something creative and special that makes your brand stand out. Promotional products also have staying power and generate additional impressions when re-used - a no brainer! 

This applies to each of the check points above and to everything you do in marketing. If you are consistent in keeping all of these brand fundamentals in check, it will be easy for clients to find your business, recall your business, develop trust and become brand ambassadors. Your brand value will increase and sales and income will follow. 

This short list may seem overwhelming when you start to tackle it, but you do not have to be an expert on everything. We believe in using our talents where they best fit, and outsourcing tasks when we are not confident. Creating and executing marketing strategies is our passion and we are excited to be a partner in your 2020 goals. Let us know if you are ready to elevate your brand! 

3 Ways Bags Add Major Value to Your Brand

A simple and cost effective way to add value to your brand is with bags. Whether your business is product or service based, these are always a must to have on hand. Here, we go over 3 ways we see branded bags adding value.

1. High Perceived Value
Make someone feel special and appreciated for simply being your client!  We truly believe that a little bit goes a long way. Think about it - if there were 2 bags on a table with the same contents inside and you had to pick between a basic plastic bag and a paper bag with a brand on it, which would you pick? Even though the contents is the same, the branded bag SEEMS to be of higher value. That is the company who cares about their brand and their product so it must be great, right! It is all about PERCEPTION.

2. Repeat Brand Impressions
Bags are not only for giving to clients at a check out. These can be used to deliver welcome packet information to new clients, gift goodies like cookies to potential clients or be distributed at events. The possibilities are endless. Extra points if the bag is reusable - people are more likely to keep them instead of throw away which means they see your logo and brand multiple times.

BRANDING TIP: Bags are an AWESOME sponsorship piece. 5K's, trade shows, award shows or festivals - branded bags are sought after to hold other promo or catalogs and gear. They get constant exposure during AND after the event!

3. Low Cost, High ROI
With prices as low as $.20 per bag, the overall cost to invest in branded bags is low. Depending on size, color and imprint method, this is an inexpensive way to get your brand out there in a memorable way.

Think about the ways you can use bags in your industry! Find some options and pricing HERE or contact us for other questions.

Our Favorite 10 Fitness Promo Items Under $5

Promote Fitness... and your brand! Check out our list of branded fitness faves for under $5.

These are great promo pieces for the new year, employee incentive programs, 5K and marathon sponsorship giveaway items and gym or general fitness marketing.

10 Tips on How to Boost Brand Confidence in 2020

When you speak about your brand, do you feel confident? Is it easy? Does it bring you joy?

Without getting all Marie Kondo, if speaking about your brand doesn't bring on feelings of passion, excitement and pride, it may be time for a brand revamp!

The strongest brands (think Apple or Macy's for example) are established, easily recognizable, and consistent. These brands can be spotted a mile away and have a high recall, even at just a glimpse.

How does one achieve these brand goals?
- Establish a primary logo (AND a secondary if you're feeling like a boss!)
- Define a brand font
- Use only approved, specific PMS colors

Strong brands aren't all about good looks. What's on the inside counts too! Take a look around, and when you see a logo, pay attention to how it makes you feel. We associate and attach feelings to brands that come from our experiences, good and bad. Keeping customer service on point is key for the success of the tips below.

Want to integrate good vibes into your brand?
- Make the problem you solve very obvious
- Present your mission clearly
- Establish a brand voice your ideal client is comfortable with and can relate to

The final brand confidence booster may seem like a no-brainer, but it is very powerful - connect your brand with real clients. All the marketing tricks in the book won't bring any ROI if it's not being presented to and connected with ideal clients.

Get your brand out there!
- Create an active presence on social media
- Engage in the local community
- Show the love to your clients (new AND existing... hello, referrals!)

The number one thing that will increase the impact of all of these tips and make your brand a success is CONSISTENCY.

Bring it in, get it together, and set your sights on a prosperous 2020!

For an in-depth analysis, take our brand assessment quiz! We will send you a more specific diagnosis along with services we see that align with your branding needs.

Get Ready, It's Gift Giving Szn!

The holidays are literally upon us. Are you prepared?

Don't be that guy who shows up empty handed - show your clients and employees you appreciate them with branded gifts. Keep your name top of mind and in good spirits with the people who make your brand successful. Take a look at our top 10 gift ideas for this season or give us a shout if you have something specific in mind. Anything is possible!

Take it up a notch! Add custom packaging, gift bags and bows to make your gift even more memorable.

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OMG! Check out Big Bunny Creative's story in Voyage Houston Magazine (Instagram: @voyagehouston) - we are so excited to be featured alongside Houston's business badasses and get ourselves SEEN! Complete with Mean Girls quote, of course. Read the full article here!

Hello, my name is Big Bunny.

Big Who? Big Bunny!
With a name that stems from a childhood pet who was quite the badass, Big Bunny Creative is a full-service design and branding boutique keeping that legacy alive.

“Bunny” was actually a hard-core outdoor cat from the country who was given to a couple of kids on Easter morning. Bunny always blazed his own trail, fought back against the neighborhood bullies (birds were his arch nemesis) and protected his family all while still being the most lovable, BIG fluff ball one could wish for. He was a fearless survivor, surely using more than his allotted 9 lives and was well known in the community for his strong presence... and not looking for oncoming traffic. Bunny has since passed, but his memory lives on in this creative agency that strives to keep him proud by staying innovative, passionate, and lovable.

What We Do
Our focus is on adding value and providing killer ROI. We believe in really digging deep to develop brands into their highest potential and providing a hands-on experience that will give you all the feelz and measurable results.

Open dialogue, strong designs and project analysis are the foundation of our effective branding services. We equip our clients with tailored strategies that enable them to level up. All of this mixed with a touch of BBC love and you've got yourself a successful brand story!

All About the Vibe
The Big Bunny team is lead by Candace Parker. A graphic designer and marketing nerd herself, her desire to change the world through design landed her here–an agency of her own with no boundaries and no bad ideas. She believes in creating “vibes” for her clients’ brands that bring them to life and allows them to flourish organically.

“The vibe” is our guiding light here at BBC. Each piece of a brand, no matter how small, should be well thought out and contribute to the overall feeling you want to emulate to your buyers. It might seem overwhelming, but that’s where we hop in!

Trust Us, We’re Design Nerds!
Growing brands is our passion. We love to see our clients succeed and it makes our chubby cheeks smile to create purposefully amazing designs that elevate things to the next level.

We’re your creative advisor and your support system. We make your vision a reality. We want you to be a Big Bunny Badass!

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