10 Branded Apparel Facts You Should Know

We are in the era of a new business casual - sweats, pajamas and (for my ladies) no bra! Due to work from home orders, branded apparel has taken on a whole new value, and even as some of us slowly return back to the office place, work apparel doesn't have to suck or be boring and uncomfortable.

Branded apparel can internally give your team a sense of comfort, unity, purpose and company pride (especially during such an isolating situation like Covid-19). Externally, branded apparel can effectively promote your brand and heighten the perceived value of your brand when the appropriate quality garments are used. It should reflect your brand story and be consistent with how you want people to describe your brand (clients/customers and employees alike). All of this being said, the importance of these pieces is way more than slapping a logo on a polo and calling it a day.

We had the pleasure of taking the Fashion Apparel Masterclass (FAM) put on by Bella+Canvas, one of our favorite apparel brands. It goes into detail on fabric composition, identifying industry trends, branding, differentiation methods and selling techniques.

Read below for our top 10 takeaways from the class and let us know if you are ready to implement these methods into your next apparel order. We can guide every step of the way to ensure success!

    1. C.O.E. (Carded Open Ended) fabrics are what most of the inexpensive garments offered for promo are made of. But guess what? Major retail stores have BANNED this fabric from being sold in their stores for years. Cheap is not always a positive!
    2. Quality garments have the ability to get a sharper, more defined imprint because the tight knit in the fabrics prevent ink from bleeding.
    3. Millennials buy from companies who have shared values. They will spend extra money on items that are environmentally and socially responsible and ethical. Bella+Canvas is one of those brands!
    4. What people wear effects their mood. When it comes to apparel, consumers experience the whole shirt, not just the design on it. How they FEEL when they wear the garment will evoke an emotion that in turn gets attached to your brand. Make it a good one!
    5. BIG BUNNY ADVANTAGE! We were thrilled to hear these facts from the experts: creative decoration enhances final goods. Not only do we specialize in graphic design, we also have the expertise to skillfully recommend complimentary color combinations, unique decoration techniques and creative design placement. We got that retail vibe! Our favorites are tone-on-tone, puff ink and mixed media.
    6. End users want QUALITY and associate negativity with poorly made garments. Align your high quality brand that you work so hard on with apparel of equal quality. Don't devalue your brand with a cheap piece.
    7. Apparel is largely psychological - we learned that our customers need to see and physically feel in order to make a connection and justify paying more for a quality piece. Virtual mockups and physical samples are available to make this easier on our clients.
    8. Bella+Canvas has a line called Fast Fashion that creates new styles monthly in limited quantities in order to keep up with demand of retail trends.
    9. Bella+Canvas has another winning differentiator: fabric type and color selection. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, this brand will have something to fit any promo goal.
    10. Cost per impression is lower on a more expensive piece. You read that correctly. This class explained wonderfully the case of added value when a quality piece is used for promo apparel, even if it is more expensive initially. You are investing in more impressions with a garment that will get worn and seen multiple times (have you heard the term "walking billboard"?) versus investing in a garment that will get trashed and not supply you with the impressions you thought you were paying for. Make the most of your branding efforts!

    We may be nerding out over all of the info we have absorbed during this course but it was too good not to share! Check out pricing on some of our favorite apparel pieces below. Let us know if you have questions!

    Basic/Unisex Apparel

    Women's Apparel

    Fashion Apparel

Earth Day - No Throw Promo!

No Throw Promo - (noun) Promotional products that don't suck, that people want to keep, hang onto for years, use regularly and DON'T THROW AWAY!

The beginning of spring weather (and quarantine) should give us all an appreciation for Mother Nature. Earth day is April 22, and while promo is the last thing on most of our minds, we still wanted to honor the day by sharing a sampling of our favorite eco-friendly products.

1. Apparel
Made from organic cotton and using sustainable production, these super comfy options for apparel are Earth Day approved.

2. RPET Cooling Towels
RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate...meaning these towels are made out of recycled plastic bottles! So COOL!

3. Recycled Paper Journals
Exactly what it sounds like - journals make from recycled paper! Fun fact: paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers lose stability.

4. Multi-Use Food Items
Meaning anything that is NOT a single use, landfill item! Points for non-plastic materials like silicone, glass, bamboo and our newest obsession - wheat straw.

5. Planters
Bring some green into your office space with a desk sized planter and enjoy the extra oxygen and mood boost.

These items are more eco-friendly, not more expensive. Check out our top picks with special pricing HERE and contact us with any questions on how to get your brand on them in time for Earth Day!

DIY & Non-Medical Mask Solutions

DIY Face Mask Tutorial

Purchase Fabric Masks in Bulk
Need a larger supply of masks than DIY can handle? We can help!

One of our favorite American made apparel vendors, Bella+Canvas, is offering a unique solution to creating face masks in bulk. With their advanced technology, they are stepping up to help out during the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch their informative video HERE and contact us HERE to get pricing information and to get your order in the system. These are going fast!

*Price dependent upon quantity and fabric selection.

Brand Your Take-Out & Delivery

Attention restaurant owners and employees! Get your branding to-go!

The massive increase in to-go and delivery services in the food and beverage industry makes this prime time for those brands to shine.

People are posting meals on social media more now than ever before. Keep your brand front and center for that cost effective way to exponentially increase your advertising! We prefer reusable options that give your brand repeat impressions.

Check out the list below for some packaging ideas. Click here for pricing options.
Insulated Totes
Non-Woven Totes
Paper & Plastic Bags
Cups & Cup Sleeves
Wine Bottle Totes
Bottled Water
*Free rush production on most standard items.

Turn this situation into a positive and throw in extra promo items to large orders or loyal customers. We are all feeling emotional so acts of kindness will be remembered and ensure repeat business.
Lunch Boxes
Bento Boxes
Pint or Shot Glasses
Wooden Nickel Coupons
Paper Straws
Chip Clips

View pricing here or contact us with any questions!

Let Clients Know You Are OPEN!

Want to increase brand awareness? A few quick and easy adjustments to your marketing strategy will get the word out that you are, in fact, OPEN.

Keep your clients aware of your new business hours, operations and any adjustments in pricing with the solutions below.

3'x6' Vinyl Banners - $135 each
24" x 36" Window Decals - $75 each
18" x 24" Floor Decals - $65 each
A-fold Sign Stands - $180 single sided, $210 double sided

Mailers: price based on size and quantity. Contact us for a quote.

Design is our passion. For the duration of the mandated quarantines, we are offering free layout design with purchase of any signage or printed mailer item. We are here to help!

Work From Home Morale Boosters: Covid-19 Edition

Working from home is the new normal for a lot of us right now - and it probably hasn't been easy. Even those who did work from a home office prior to the Covid-19 quarantines, having other family members and kids in the mix makes it an adjustment. Being in the promo industry, we have a few ideas on how to turn this crisis into a positive and ease some stay-at-home pains for employees and clients alike.

Healthy Living Aids
Staying safe and keeping physical and mental health at its prime are so important right now. Giving these gifts will show that you care and that you are providing support during this scary time.

Water Bottles
Water Trackers
Reusable Grocery Bags
Stress Relief Items (Fidgets, Coloring Books, etc.)
Sanitary Wipes/Gel
Phone Sanitizer

Motivational Swag
Keep your company spirit strong with branded swag gift items for employees and clients. During tough times, it is easy to pinch pennies and buckle down, but these are the times people need to feel lifted up and most importantly, safe. Show that you value their hard work and loyalty with one of the comfy-cozy items below! 

Coffee Mugs (*Add in some local coffee beans for a nice touch!)
Felt Letter Boards
Phone Holder/Screen Cleaners

Virtual Meetings Made Easy
Getting it together for a new home office can be stressful when you don't have the right equipment. Help your audience get acclimated to their new normal with some of these office and desk items. The best part is, your brand will be front and center for the whole work day and beyond.

Journals and Pens
Webcam Covers
Phone Chargers
Screen Cleaners
Sling Grips

Inspirational Awards
Give employees recognition for their hard work in supporting your goals during the uncertainty of the Corona economy. Give them something to look forward to upon their eventual return to the office with an invitation to celebrate everyones achievements from remote. 

Lapel Pins
Gift Sets

For creative ideas and pricing on the items listed above, please see our presentation. As always, these are just base ideas with a variety of price points and quality/quantity options - the possibilities are endless! Contact us to chat further if you have something specific in mind. Custom packaging and note cards will make these promo pieces really special and memorable when people really need it! Enjoy.

7 Marketing Tasks to Accomplish While Quarantined

While we are all going through stress and uncertainty in our personal and professional lives, quarantine can amplify that and make one go a bit crazy. Here, we suggest 7 marketing tasks you can tackle that are usually either overlooked or put on the back burner. You will leave quarantine feeling accomplished, refreshed and ready to level up your brand!

  1. Update your website.
    This is time consuming and tedious. With hours on end to occupy, set aside an allotted few hours to sit down in front of your computer. Audit your site, write down a list of things you want to change, add or update and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Whether you email that list to your marketing team/developer or do the edits yourself, that's one step closer to a refreshed brand image in just a few hours.
  2. Create content.
    Most brand strategists and marketing coaches say to block out time for this task even without a quarantine in place. BUT, easier said than done, right? Time is on our side now - take advantage! Grab your laptop or a journal and write down topics your current or ideal clients might be interested in hearing about, then go from there. Write blogs, articles, social media stories, vlog or all of the above!
  3. Schedule social media posts.
    After you create content, you will want to share it with the world! Grab a calendar or your scheduling platform and knock out the next couple months. Don't go much further than that because, as our current situation shows, the environment can change very quickly and you need to adjust your content to match what is relevant.
  4. Perform a design audit.
    Take a look at all of your design pieces - digital (website, social media, ads, etc.) and print (flyers, business cards, menus, signage, etc.). Do they all match up? Can you tell they are all representing the same brand? Make sure you have a brand guide in place. Go through and make sure all of your marketing materials adhere to the guide and update the guide where you see necessary. Ensure everyone on your team has a copy of the guide AND all of the necessary vector and hi-res files of logos and content to go along with it. Consistency and cohesiveness add so much value to a brand!
  5. Plan future events and promotions.
    The future is a big unknown right now but there are still ways to help business go on as usual. Remind clients of future events to give them something positive to look forward to. Send custom branded promotional products to keep your brand front of mind for when life resumes as normal. You do not want to fall off the radar especially with so many other distractions going on.
  6. Check in.
    Call, text, email, e-blast, snail mail - whatever your preferred method of communication to your clients is, make sure you reach out periodically during this time. Offer positive thoughts and encouragement and include any notes about customer service that might be relevant. Try not to sound robotic - many companies are sending these same types of correspondence and you do not want to get lost in the mix or worse, seem insensitive to the scary climate.
  7. Engage in the community.
    This will not only fight off your own boredom but will give your business a sense of community and a bigger presence locally. Like and share photos on instagram, offer help where needed, support other businesses going through it and spread positivity. We are all in this together!

These tasks are just a suggestion, do not add to your stress by thinking you need to check them all off your list! If you can only tackle one, make sure it is the one that will provide you the most return. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding a marketing plan for your business - consultations are free and a great way to get the creative juices flowing. From there, we send a recap and ways that we can support your plan. Enjoy and stay safe and healthy!

7 Cool Paper Facts You Should Know

Big Bunny Creative had the opportunity to expand our knowledge base @ Houston's Clampitt Paper School. We learned a LOT and believe in sharing that knowledge to provide the best value to our clients interested in printing marketing materials. Check out some interesting paper facts below we think are worth knowing - enjoy!

  1. It takes TWELVE steps to make a piece of paper - we even got a recipe to make our own! Stay tuned...
  2. Paper production supports sustainable forest management - forest area in the US has increased 3% and volume of trees 58%.
  3. Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world - 63% of paper in the US was recovered as compared to 28% of glass and 9% of plastic - YIKES.
  4. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers become too weak and break down.
  5. Watermarking is affordable! Achieve this elite look with a custom mark that can be achieved much easier than in the past. Fancy!
  6. Paper is priced using weights and sizes... and it's not easy to calculate! Please be patient when asking for print pricing, the combinations are endless and we want to get you the best price and quality match possible.
  7. Digital and Inkjet processes of printing are NOT equal - both have pros and cons that we take into account when quoting printing (quantity, variable data, level of detail).

5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Branded Backdrop

Branded backdrops have been around for ages, but are becoming more popular and accessible with lower prices and better assembly technology. Read more to find out why you should take your brand to the next level by investing in a branded backdrop of your own.

The size of backdrop we sell the most of is an 8'x8'. We also offer an 8'x10'. EIGHT FEET of visibility for your brand - that can definitely be spotted from across a room! The purpose of these is to attract photo-takers, so place them strategically to get your brand seen. When you order a backdrop, design and layout is included in the pricing, so we can promise that your brand will look great and get noticed.

Reach is the total number of unique people or accounts who view your content. In this case, you are not only reaching the number of people that are attending the specific event where your backdrop is set up, but also extending that reach to people who are viewing posted and shared content - it grows exponentially!

An impression is the number of times people see your content. The number of times people will go back to look at their photos and posts, re-post from the event or even have a printed photo that they see often, gives a repeat impression each time.
TIP: Have this station set up with a printer so it becomes a take home promotional product for your brand at the same time!

This is essentially a red carpet item. Celebrities and influencers rarely have their photo taken at events without one behind them. For a reusable item, this will pay for itself in exposure and add some class and fun to your brand at events!

5. FUN
Branded backdrops are always the life of a party and a huge hit at events! From fairs and festivals to trade shows and in-office events, branded photo opportunities are a no-brainer.

Do not miss this branding opportunity! Big Bunny Creative provides clients with branded backdrops for $399. This price includes an 8' x 8' custom, full-color fabric backdrop, heavy duty hardware stand and canvas travel bag plus free shipping. These are lightweight, easy to carry, simple to assemble, washable and have a fast production time of 5-7 business days. You can also order a replacement fabric piece for $285 (ideal for multiple designs, sponsoring different events, etc.) without the cost of purchasing a whole new stand.

Contact us to get more information on how to get your brand out there!