10 Branded Apparel Facts You Should Know

We are in a new era of business casual – branded apparel has taken on a whole new value as we realize it doesn’t have to be boring, basic or uncomfortable.

Internally, branded apparel can give your team a sense of unity, purpose and company pride. Externally, branded apparel can effectively promote and heighten the perceived value of your brand when quality garments and modern designs are used.

Here, we go into detail on fabric composition, identifying industry trends, branding, differentiation methods and selling techniques that we use daily to grow strong brands for our clients!

      1. C.O.E. (Carded Open Ended) fabrics are what most of the inexpensive garments offered for promo are made of. But guess what? Major retail stores have BANNED this fabric from being sold in their stores for years. Inexpensive is not always a benefit.
      2. Quality garments have the ability to get a sharper, more defined imprint because the tight knit in the fabrics prevent ink from bleeding.
      3. Studies prove that people buy from companies who have shared values. They will spend extra money on items that are environmentally and socially responsible and ethical. We do the research and can guide our clients in the right direction.
      4. What people wear effects their mood. When it comes to apparel, consumers experience the whole shirt, not just the design on it. How they FEEL when they wear the garment will evoke an emotion that in turn gets attached to your brand. Make it a good one!
      5. BIG BUNNY ADVANTAGE! We were thrilled to hear these facts from the experts: creative decoration enhances final goods. Not only do we specialize in graphic design, we also have the expertise to skillfully recommend complimentary color combinations, unique decoration techniques and creative design placement. We got that retail vibe! Our favorites are tone-on-tone, puff ink and mixed media.
      6. End users want QUALITY and associate negativity with poorly made garments. Align your high quality brand that you work so hard on with apparel of equal quality. Don’t devalue your brand with a cheaply constructed piece.
      7. Apparel is largely psychological – we learned that our customers need to see and physically feel in order to make a connection and justify paying more for a quality piece. Virtual mockups and physical samples are available to make this easier on our clients.
      8. Retail trends SELL. We align ourselves with industry experts on trending silhouettes, colors, cuts and fabrics to ensure our clients stay looking fresh!
      9. A fit for every body type. Gone are the days of mass ordered, ill-fitting garments. One size and silhouette does not fit all and it is time we recognize that. Our vendors have mens/ladies fit companions for most pieces as well as youth and plus size!
      10. Cost per impression is lower on a more expensive piece. You read that correctly. When a quality piece is used for promo apparel, even if it is more expensive initially, there is added value in impressions. You are investing in more impressions with a garment that will get worn and seen multiple times (have you heard the term “walking billboard”?) versus investing in a garment that will get trashed and not supply you with the impressions you thought you were paying for. Make the most of your branding efforts!

    Are you ready to implement these methods into your branding strategy? Contact us to get on the path to branded apparel success!

Eliminate Brand-fill with Sustainable Promo

No Throw Promo – (noun) Promotional products that don’t suck, that people want to keep, hang onto for years, use regularly and DON’T THROW AWAY!

The beginning of spring weather reminds us to appreciate Mother Nature. Earth day is April 22 – we honor the day by sharing a sampling of our favorite eco-friendly products.

1. Apparel
Made from organic cotton and using sustainable production, these super comfy options for apparel are Earth Day approved.

2. RPET Cooling Towels
RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate…meaning these towels are made out of recycled plastic bottles! So COOL!

3. Recycled Paper Journals
Exactly what it sounds like – journals make from recycled paper! Fun fact: paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers lose stability.

4. Multi-Use Food Items
Meaning anything that is NOT a single use, landfill item! Points for non-plastic materials like silicone, glass, bamboo and our newest obsession – wheat straw.

5. Planters
Bring some green into your office space with a desk sized planter and enjoy the extra oxygen and mood boost.

These items are more eco-friendly, NOT more expensive. Contact us for a custom curated item presentation and with any questions on how to get your brand Earth Day ready!

5 Characteristics of a Successful Promotional Product

Imagine this: You have decided to sponsor a large event that your target audience will be attending. You spend months curating the ideal customer experience for them to learn all about your brand, build awareness and gain their trust and loyalty. Your goal is to present your brand and gain new clients. The next question is, how will you get them to remember the brand experience once the event is over? How do you stand out among the other sponsors as a brand the attendees will purchase from?

This is where promotional products come in. Reserve part of your marketing budget to be dedicated to a promo item that will serve a purpose far past the event day and extend the shelf life of the event efforts.

To ensure your promotional product item selection is a success, make sure it has each of these 5 qualities:

We like to call this “no-throw promo”. In a nutshell, you do not want to select and spend marketing dollars on an item that will be taken straight to the trash can. Not only is it a waste of your time and money, it is bad for the environment! Spend time researching what your target audience cares about, what their values are and where their time is spent. This will narrow down your list and allow you to creatively determine a promo item you can be sure your clients will use and love.

Promo is all about IMPRESSIONS. This is the number of times your brand will be seen. Wether it is seen by the same person every day when they sit down at their desk, seen by others who come in contact with your client who is wearing your t-shirt running errands, or seen by tons of people at a festival where your brand is on a party-goers phone accessory, choose something that will be out and about, displayed prominently on a body or desktop and SEEN!

Impress your clients by presenting them with an item that makes them feel special and cared about. Gifting quality promotional products reflects the quality of your brand and creates a connection between you, your client and high perceived value. WIN!

This is a 2 part characteristic – the promotional product needs to not only align with your brand but align with the event or campaign as well. For example, if your brand values eco-friendly practices, ensure that your items and their factories do too. Communicate this to your recipients to deepen the connection with them. This is brand alignment. Event/campaign alignment comes in the form of choosing an item that will be used by its recipient AND in choosing a design to imprint and brand the item with that makes sense. An easy way to think of this is to pick a theme, then make sure that theme is something your brand can be proud of.

Promo item selection should have a strong emphasis on customer experience – present the items creatively to etch the positive feeling into the recipients memory and the promo will pay for itself in a happy, loyal customer! That is VALUE.

With all of these attributes checked off, your target audience will have gone home from this event with a branded item they will hang on to, be proud of, show off and use. It will give them all the feelz when they whip it out and remind them to always turn to your company when the time comes for them to purchase. Your marketing campaign and promotional product was a success!

Creating success stories like these are our passion. Let us know how we can support your next promo campaign!


10 Tips to Boost Brand Confidence

When you speak about your brand, do you feel confident? Is it easy? Does it bring you joy?

Without getting all Marie Kondo, if speaking about your brand doesn’t bring on feelings of passion, excitement and pride, it may be time for a brand revamp!

The strongest brands (think Apple or Macy’s for example) are established, easily recognizable, and consistent. These brands can be spotted a mile away and have a high recall, even at just a glimpse.

How does one achieve these brand goals?
1. Establish a primary logo (AND a secondary if you’re feeling like a boss!)
2. Define a brand font
3. Use only approved, specific PMS colors

Strong brands aren’t all about good looks. What’s on the inside counts too! Take a look around, and when you see a logo, pay attention to how it makes you feel. We associate and attach feelings to brands that come from our experiences, good and bad. Keeping customer service on point is key for the success of the tips below.

Want to integrate good vibes into your brand?
4. Make the problem you solve very obvious
5. Present your mission clearly
6. Establish a brand voice your ideal client is comfortable with and can relate to

The final brand confidence booster may seem like a no-brainer, but it is very powerful – connect your brand with real clients. All the marketing tricks in the book won’t bring any ROI if it’s not being presented to and connected with ideal clients.

Get your brand out there!
7. Create an active presence on social media
8. Engage in the local community
9. Show the love to your clients (new AND existing… hello, referrals!)

10. The number one thing that will increase the impact of all of these tips and make your brand a success is CONSISTENCY.

Bring it in, get it together, and set your sights on a prosperous 2022!

For an in-depth analysis, take our brand assessment quiz! We will send you a more specific diagnosis along with services we see that align with your branding needs.

Your Guide to Branded Holiday Gifts

Are you ready for gifting season?
The holidays are a busy time for family and work – eliminate stress by ordering your branded holiday gifts NOW. Stay on the nice list, beat the rush and avoid any inventory and shipping issues with our simple guide below.


Step 1
Set up a call – let us curate items for you to choose from that align with your brand (and your budget). We list our Top 10 Gift Items for 2021 HERE.


Step 2
Order EARLY. Like now. This is your sign to get the conversation started with us to ensure your items arrive before the big day (remember – the world is experiencing a supply chain disruption and promotional products are no exception!). Our target date for you to finalize your branded gift selection is MONDAY, OCTOBER 18th!


Step 3
Bundle items with consistent imprint designs to create memorable gift experiences. We suggest adding in fun apparel pieces to your gifts as well as locally sourced goodies (for example, a bag of local coffee beans included with your branded mug!).


Step 4
Consider packaging add-ons. Increase branding impact with quality packaging. From gift bags and tissue paper to belly bands and full custom boxes, we provide options that complete the look and enhance presentation.


Step 5
Don’t forget the stationery. Reinforce the perception of a high quality brand with matching branded stationery. As designers, we keep the look cohesive and within brand standards. A custom note goes a LONG way!


Step 6
Schedule for fulfillment. Beyond collecting addresses and making a trip to the post office or in-person delivery, include time for packing the gifts up nicely and securely. Don’t have the time to commit? We provide this service, custom priced per project!


Ready to make this holiday season a streamlined success for your brand? Contact us to get started!


Not sure holiday gifts are a good fit for your brand?
Click here to find out why we suggest investing!

Create Successful Brands with HR

A Human Resources department and staff wear many hats, one of the most important being to attract and retain winners. HR has a large impact on the success of a company’s branding and on creating organic brand ambassadors. With an HR teams’ support, a brand can grow and become stronger with each new employee!

Employee recruiting starts with attracting the best candidates. Make your brand memorable by creating a modern event space that is well designed. Provide functional and useful take home swag to stay top of mind for visitors and potential team members.

Once hired, on-boarding is an essential step in retention. Make new employees feel welcome and excited by providing branded items upon arrival. Team building is exponentially more successful when a strong brand is involved. Backpacks, lunch bags, lanyards, drinkware and desktop items are perfect.

A huge HR goal is to retain the employees they have through continuing education. Keep the motivation going by providing incentive swag at training opportunities. Apparel, journals and power banks top our list.

Show the love regularly to keep employees happy and satisfied. It is science -if someone is under appreciated, they won’t stick around. Recognize hard work with awards, gift sets and home goods. These are nice branded pieces that make employees feel special.

What about a company store? Wether it’s used for uniforming and required company apparel or for fun swag items gifted through a points reward system, company stores are a guaranteed HR win. These are web based platforms that streamline buying for branded products. They keep sizing and quantities in one place and provide inventory feedback along with reports and fundraising. Ask us for more details if you think a company store might be a good fit for your brand!

Big Bunny Creative supports HR teams’ ability to attract and retain awesome employees by growing strong and powerful brands. Make your next HR goal a success with us by your side!

5 Reasons to INVEST in Promotional Products Now

Think about this for a second: Promotional products are an investment in your brand, not an expense.

In every business, cost vs return must be assessed. We educate our clients on the benefits of investing in creative, unique and quality promo and the VALUE that it can add to their brands. This thought process apples to professional design, printed pieces and apparel too!

When thinking about growing your brand and adjusting your marketing strategy, we suggest investing in branded promotional products. Here’s WHY:

1. Perfect promo items bring awareness to your brand.

2. Using high quality pieces elevates how your brand is perceived.

3. When your branded item is actually kept and used, your brand impressions increase.

4. Brand recall increases with a positive and memorable gift experience.

5. When clients feel appreciated and special, they become brand loyal, repeat clients who are advocates of your business for FREE (yay referrals!).

The one trait that exponentially grows return on all of these benefits? Consistency and cohesiveness. Big Bunny Creative makes this easy – we are able to streamline your projects with in house design nerds who understand the importance of brand guidelines and how that alone can strengthen a brand.

Contact us and achieve maximum value out of your marketing budget!

5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Branded Backdrop

Events are FINALLY coming back. Precautions in place, this is soooo good for businesses and mental health across the board.

Branded backdrops are an event photo-op favorite – and we want your brand to steal the show! We have several options of backdrops to fit different budgets, design included. All backdrops come with super easy set up and travel gear.

Branded backdrops are large, sturdy, durable, washable… and NOT cheap. But with all of the benefits they give to your brand, they are worth the investment:

The size of backdrop we sell the most of is an 8’x8′. We also offer an 8’x10′. EIGHT FEET of visibility for your brand – that can definitely be spotted from across a room! The purpose of these is to attract photo-takers, so place them strategically to get your brand seen. When you order a backdrop, design and layout is included in the pricing, so we can promise that your brand will look great and get noticed.

Reach is the total number of unique people or accounts who view your content. In this case, you are not only reaching the number of people that are attending the specific event where your backdrop is set up, but also extending that reach to people who are viewing posted and shared content – it grows exponentially!

An impression is the number of times people see your content. The number of times people will go back to look at their photos and posts, re-post from the event or even have a printed photo that they see often, gives a repeat impression each time.
TIP: Have this station set up with a printer so it becomes a take home promotional product for your brand at the same time!

This is essentially a red carpet item. Celebrities and influencers rarely have their photo taken at events without one behind them. For a reusable item, this will pay for itself in exposure and add some class and fun to your brand at events!

5. FUN
Branded backdrops are always the life of a party and a huge hit at events! From fairs and festivals to trade shows and in-office events, branded photo opportunities are a no-brainer.

Do not miss this branding opportunity! Big Bunny Creative provides clients with branded backdrops for $399. This price includes an 8′ x 8′ custom, full-color fabric backdrop, heavy duty hardware stand and canvas travel bag plus free shipping. These are lightweight, easy to carry, simple to assemble, washable and have a fast production time of 5-7 business days. You can also order a replacement fabric piece for $285 (ideal for multiple designs, sponsoring different events, etc.) without the cost of purchasing a whole new stand.

Contact us to get more information on how to get your brand out there!

Create a Brand for Your Salon

The beauty industry is booming, BUT the competition is real. You’ve got the talent, now what?

We work with several salons and gals in the beauty biz who understand that branding yourself WORKS. Gain new clients and keep consistent and more frequent retention with these marketing tips:

Stay networking

Create opportunities for organic content

Create brand ambassadors through memorable experiences

We picked several promo items to keep our beauty industry friends connected with their clients to keep them top of mind for referrals and for their next appointment!

Take a look HERE to see if one of these promotional product ideas might work for your brand and budget.

Perfect for:
Retail Touch Points
Creating an Experience
Client Appreciation
Merch (AKA passive income!)

Big Bunny Creative grows strong brands – meaning we all start somewhere. Wether you are still thinking of a business name or an industry leader, there is always room for growth and improvement! Schedule a strategy call with us today to set a clear path for marketing success. We can’t wait to see your brand story grow!

Real Estate Marketing Tips

The real estate industry has highs and lows, but  your marketing should always be HIGH!

Even during lulls and off seasons, networking your brand and keeping in touch with clients is essential for maintaining that future business.

We picked several promo items to help connect our real estate industry friends with their clients to keep them top of mind for referrals and for their next big move.

Take a look HERE to see if one of these promotional product ideas might work for your brand and budget.

Perfect for:
Open House Giveaways
Making the Sale
Welcoming Them Home
Keeping in Touch

Buying and selling is a BIG DEAL. Celebrate with custom packaging and branded inserts or custom stationery. We can’t wait to see your brand story grow!