Are You Making This DIY Marketing MISTAKE?

The internet is full of great marketing resources – this blog being one of them! We are true believers in research and learning something new every day. But where do you draw the line at “I could do that myself” and “I should call an expert”?

When it comes to promotional products, one can simply search “logo on a bag” and be bombarded with thousands of websites offering thousands of styles, colors, sizes and imprints. But is DIY promo really the way to go?

This is where Big Bunny Creative offers huge VALUE to our clients:

  • Customer Service – We are humans! No frustration chatting with a robot overseas, we are here to help and understand your needs.
  • Knowledge – WE KNOW PROMO. This is our passion. We stay on top of the newest trends in the industry and can offer options, insight and creative ideas no search engine can compare.
  • Solutions – With experience in branded promo and apparel, we have the advantage to offer our clients unique decorating techniques, item suggestions and value adding solutions like packaging and fulfillment.
  • Creativity – Graphic artists in house deliver retail look designs – quickly! Online retailers only offer your logo slapped on product. Let’s get creative with it!
  • Branding – We are familiar with your brand. Working with Big Bunny Creative on your promo orders ensures that all designs fall within your company’s brand standards and that all projects are aligned with your brand as a whole.
  • Eliminate GuessworkWhat are the imprint requirements? What are the hidden costs? Are there extra charges for more colors? Can my logo be bigger? What file format do I need? Is there enough inventory to fulfill my order? These are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to placing an order – and we know the answers! We take the confusion out of promo, decoration and logistics and streamline your orders.
  • Quick Turns – Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it taking a chance on sketchy product and service reviews from strangers. We work closely alongside our clients and our vendors to provide communication, timely artwork edits and access to supply updates.
  • Quality Guarantee – Eliminate the fear of disappointment and stop double guessing your investment. We maintain relationships with our suppliers and see their product in person and often. We only offer high quality promo and apparel to ensure that you will love your items.

So, just because you can DIY promo, doesn’t mean you should! We are here for you every step of the way to provide unique items and apparel pieces with clean designs to meet your campaign goals and make your investment a success.

Get started by contacting us with your next campaign idea or browse our preferred vendors’ items HERE. We look forward to creating something amazing with you!

6 Ways to SLEIGH Branded Gifts This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us – do NOT make the mistake of leaving your clients off of your nice list!

Show your customers that you appreciate their loyalty, especially during the craziness that we call 2020. With branded items for every budget, we share 6 tips to “sleigh” your holiday gift game this season.

  1. Order your items in time. 
    Do not wait until the last minute! You are putting effort and budget towards this marketing strategy – make it count! Place promotional product gift orders by 12/7 to ensure holiday delivery.
  2. Give it a retail look.
    Refrain from slapping a logo on it and calling it a day. We suggest custom, retail look designs that incorporate your brand. This strategy increases the chances of the item being kept and used (repeat impressions!).
  3. Include personalization.
    We offer several items that have the option to include personalization (name, nickname, years of service, etc.) in addition to your branded artwork. Make recipients feel valued AND ensure the item gets used with this creative idea.
  4. Include custom packaging.
    While perceived as a high end addition, full custom packaging does NOT break the bank. Options like tags, belly bands and product inserts or backers are cost effective opportunities to strengthen your brand message. We love incorporating custom packaging into mailers with designed envelopes, boxes and tape.
  5. Offer coupons.
    Increase positive client experience and repeat business with coupon offerings within your gifts in the form of coupon codes or gift cards.
  6. Create custom stationery.
    Believe it or not, custom stationery is not significantly higher in price when compared to a generic store bought option. Presenting notes tailored to your brand increases the clients’ perceived value of your brand and reinforces awareness.
    MARKETING TIP: We suggest creating dual purpose cards – magnets, door hangers, posters and stickers are creative ways to get your notes NOTICED (and out of the trash)!

Learn how investing in holiday gifts adds value to your brand and peep some of our favorite options.

Want to leave your clients wanting more of your brand? Contact us to incorporate these tips into your gift giving, get creative ideas and to have customized designs that ensure holiday success!

What Is A Brand Guide? (And Why You Need One!)

What is a brand guide?

A brand guide (also called brand standards) is a document created to do just that, guide your brand. Brand guidelines are a tool designed to strengthen your brand identity through consistency. They ensure correct usage of all branding elements like logos, icons, colors, fonts and photography.

They are used as a reference and a rulebook that explains how your company should be presented to the world. It contains the “do’s and don’ts” to keep your brand on track.

They have the ability to be very basic (1 page) or very specific depending on client needs. Some include mission, vision, and emotional structures to guide the verbal tones along with the visual (for example, “creative”, “fun” or “bold”).

It is a guide that everyone in a company can use to understand how to represent their brand correctly and create a united, cohesive appearance that in turn adds value to your brand.

Why do you need one?

Brand Recognition – Your brand is how the world recognizes you. It is what builds trust in your clients.

Brand Consistency – Inconsistency will confuse clients, give your brand a low quality association and is a MAJOR turn off.

Brand Value – Following a guide will allow your brand to appear more professional and reliable. It will give your brand the power to level up in your industry.

Established Tool – You work hard on your brand, don’t let it go to waste! Provide all employees and designers with the tools to keep your brand a success with a strict brand guide.

Whether your brand is new or established, it is never too late to create a guide and gain that strength.

Click here to view Big Bunny Creative’s brand guide as an example and click through below to see some recognizable brand guides.

Shazam Brand Guide
Uber Brand Guide
Starbucks Brand Guide

Feeling sold? We are ready to support your brand goals! Contact us to get started on creating a stronger brand.

Promo Ideas for Your Small Scale Campaign

Have a campaign with a low budget or a smaller reach? We have promo for that!

No matter what the marketing goal or event size, we believe that a target audience should NEVER be left without a branded takeaway item.

Promotional products let your brand linger in your clients’ mind, reminds them of the positive experience interacting with your brand and keeps you top of mind when it is time for them to make a purchase. They are conversation pieces and encourage business referrals.

While some might think promo is only for more large scale events such as trade shows, a small client interaction (luncheons, small private classes or events, meeting for coffee etc.) has a more significant, meaningful and intimate impact. Take advantage of this focus and put your brand front and center.

With ability to order as low as 12 items in quantity, there are several promotional products we collected HERE that allow you to take advantage of the power of promo without such a large inventory investment or commitment.

MARKETING TIP: Use low quantity benefits to your advantage by offering exclusive, limited edition pieces.

Click here or below to check out some of our favorite low quantity promo items to get pricing, ideas and inspiration!

Support Breast Cancer with PINK Promo!

For Our Fighters, We Wear PINK

An issue close to so many hearts, we want to celebrate the lives of our women affected by breast cancer. For the loved ones lost and the survivors, we know this fight is never easy.

Big Bunny Creative is donating 20% of proceeds from all pink colored items sold now through November 1 to Susan G. Komen Houston. Check out this inspiring cause HERE to read their inspiring stories, get involved or to donate directly online.

Support your women clients and employees with education, access to healthcare and appointments and awareness gifts that give back! We put our 10 favorite pink promo items HERE. Get shopping!

5 Tasks to Accomplish During a Hurricane

With a hurricane looming over Houston and surrounding areas, we hope everyone is getting prepared to stay safe.

Whatever your situation, we put together a list of tasks to keep your time hunkering down productive (with or without power)!

  1. Learn or refresh a skill with YouTube tutorials
  2. Listen to an industry specific podcast
  3. Read a motivational book
  4. Create a mood board or mind map of some brand goals you want to achieve
  5. Nap! Take advantage of the dark skies to recharge

Let us know which activities you find the most inspiring! Enjoy and please be safe.

5 Reasons To Brand Your Apparel

Wearables are one of the most powerful promotional products when done correctly.

Check out our branding tips below and access our screen print pricing calculator to get started!

Why decorate your apparel?

BRAND VISIBILITY – Spread awareness and increase recognition, recall, impressions AND reach with each garment.

BRAND LOYALTY – Create a sense of community and corporate culture with garments that represent team, unity, and relationships. Gifting an experience to your clients through apparel will keep you top of mind for their next purchase.

How to make it count:

Invest in high quality. Convey success with garments made of quality material for a comfy, tailored item people WANT to wear. You will NOT get repeat impressions with poor quality, uncomfortable garments. This has an effect on the outcome of print processes as well.

Use professional designs. Inspire interest and add value by creating an emotional, memorable connection through eye catching design that puts your brand on a walking billboard. COST EFFECTIVE TIP: Use this design across multiple promotional products to create a branded experience for a cohesive campaign.

Differentiate & stand out. Use unique decoration locations and techniques to create fashion forward and more upscale pieces. Remember, how you market yourself is a direct reflection of how you want people to perceive your brand. Don’t be basic!

Click here for our full pricing list and contact us with any questions!



Unless you've been living under a rock during quarantine, you know that tie dye is IT.

We love the idea of using this trend on branded promotional products. We suggest two ways to participate in the craze:

  1. Adding a subtle design to a pre-dyed garment or promo piece OR
  2. Gifting the ultimate customer experience - branded white tees with DIY tie dye kits!  

Get the "creative juices" flowing with silicone wine glasses or stand out on your virtual meetings with branded apparel that will be sure to catch eyes. The possibilities are endless with apparel that comes in tons of color ways to match your brand.

This hits all our requirements for a promo win - usable, visible, quality and most importantly MEMORABLE. Does this marketing concept align with your brand? Let us know if you want to create a positive branding experience your clients will never forget - check out our favorite tie dye and white promo items HERE for details and pricing.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Branded Holiday Gifts

It may only be July, but we suggest to start planning your holiday gift strategy NOW. Let's get creative, make an impact and end your marketing year with a bang!

Whether you give to your top five clients or everyone on your contact list, branded holiday gifts will add value in a few ways:

  1. 2020 has been ROUGH. Make your clients feel appreciated and special.
  2. Reward client loyalty during the pandemic and secure future business.
  3. Increase referrals by gifting a usable conversation piece.
  4. Ensure brand recall with a positive and memorable gift experience.
  5. Keep your brand top of mind for future purchases with increased visibility.
  6. Gain FREE additional impressions by encouraging social media unboxings.

Now you know WHY you need to include holiday gifts in your marketing strategy. Here's HOW - access our top ten gift ideas for 2020 and to learn how your brand value will increase by leveraging promo items during the holidays!

5 Characteristics of a Successful Promotional Product

Imagine this: You have decided to sponsor a large event that your target audience will be attending. You spend months curating the ideal customer experience for them to learn all about your brand, build awareness and gain their trust and loyalty. Your goal is to present your brand and gain new clients. The next question is, how will you get them to remember the brand experience once the event is over? How do you stand out among the other sponsors as a brand the attendees will purchase from?

This is where promotional products come in. Reserve part of your marketing budget to be dedicated to a promo item that will serve a purpose far past the event day and extend the shelf life of the event efforts.

To ensure your promotional product item selection is a success, make sure it has each of these 5 qualities:

We like to call this "no-throw promo". In a nutshell, you do not want to select and spend marketing dollars on an item that will be taken straight to the trash can. Not only is it a waste of your time and money, it is bad for the environment! Spend time researching what your target audience cares about, what their values are and where their time is spent. This will narrow down your list and allow you to creatively determine a promo item you can be sure your clients will use and love.

Promo is all about IMPRESSIONS. This is the number of times your brand will be seen. Wether it is seen by the same person every day when they sit down at their desk, seen by others who come in contact with your client who is wearing your t-shirt running errands, or seen by tons of people at a festival where your brand is on a party-goers phone accessory, choose something that will be out and about, displayed prominently on a body or desktop and SEEN!

Impress your clients by presenting them with an item that makes them feel special and cared about. Gifting quality promotional products reflects the quality of your brand and creates a connection between you, your client and high perceived value. WIN!

This is a 2 part characteristic - the promotional product needs to not only align with your brand but align with the event or campaign as well. For example, if your brand values eco-friendly practices, ensure that your items and their factories do too. Communicate this to your recipients to deepen the connection with them. This is brand alignment. Event/campaign alignment comes in the form of choosing an item that will be used by its recipient AND in choosing a design to imprint and brand the item with that makes sense. An easy way to think of this is to pick a theme, then make sure that theme is something your brand can be proud of.

Promo item selection should have a strong emphasis on customer experience - present the items creatively to etch the positive feeling into the recipients memory and the promo will pay for itself in a happy, loyal customer! That is VALUE.

With all of these attributes checked off, your target audience will have gone home from this event with a branded item they will hang on to, be proud of, show off and use. It will give them all the feelz when they whip it out and remind them to always turn to your company when the time comes for them to purchase. Your marketing campaign and promotional product was a success!

Creating success stories like these are our passion. Let us know how we can support your next promo campaign!